German Shepherd puppies with long and short haired. Highest genealogy with FCI pedigree, dysplasia-free parents.

For over 20 years the landmark for those who are looking for the best German Shepherds.

“Our love for animals is measured by the sacrifices we are willing to make for them – K. Lorenz”

This is the spirit of Casa Falcone dog farm. A daily passion in choosing dogs who are excellent breed animals, free from hip and elbow dysplasia and other genetic taints. A contagious passion that involves the families who choose our beautiful puppies.

Casa Falcone is a professional dog farm (approved by FCI) that follows the growth of the puppies even after delivery, engaging them in educational and instructive activities in the local area, arrange meetings with highly qualified staff and care for the organization of events. Thanks to the care we take of our work, we have been awarded many national and international prizes and gained great satisfaction from our customers.

The long-haired German Shepherd, also called Alsatian, is commonly known as “wolf dog” and is one of the most versatile working dogs. It is used as a police dog, as a guide for the blind by the armed forces and as a shepherd dog by stockbreeders all over the world.

Under the proud and brave exterior there is a quiet character that makes the short-haired German Shepherd an excellent family dog: alert, loyal and devoted. Athletic and tireless he needs a lot of exercise and stimuli to be well: his owners must have enough time and vitality to devote to him.

Qualities and virtues of the German Shepherd

Among the most beautiful and beloved dogs in the world, this breed has several positive features.

Intelligent and adaptable, it is an ideal workmate: it helps to save people in danger, looks after the disabled, works with the police and the army and turns out to be a vigilant watchdog.

The German Shepherd is an even-tempered and easy-going dog, endowed with great courage and confidence. He is very fond of the person who takes care of him: it is ready to give its life and feels part of the family.

It is a careful, vigilant dog, ready to pick up any signal sent by its owner. As the German Shepherd dog is widely popular, it is a good thing to remember that a beautiful specimen but with a weak or even timid character is hopeless and it is difficult for a dog trainer to take care of it.

Conversely, a seemingly beautiful specimen, but with an excellent character will be loved and respected by everyone for its vitality.

That is why it is crucial to contact only serious and qualified breeders.

Its owner must be a friend, as well as a leader, because this dog offers a lot but, in return, demands time, space and family warmth.

Its owner, therefore, must share walks, games, home and friends with it. This need to constantly interact with the owner should not be underestimated.

On our farm, we have short and long haired puppies ready for delivery with a very high pedigree.

Casa Falcone German Shepherd Dog Kennel

Delivery of puppies

Casa Falcone farm offers you an opportunity not to be missed: home delivery by our staff, who will take care of the puppy for the whole journey and will follow you throughout its life.

All our puppies sell sold abroad only after 3 months and 21 days with veterinary health certificate and European passport. They are weaned on fresh meat and super-premium starter kibble.

The vaccination protocol for Casa Falcone puppies was drawn up by Professor Canio Bonavoglia (Veterinary and Full Professor at the University of Bari) and consists of three monovalent vaccinations for parvo and two multipurpose vaccinations, to be carried out within 90 days of the puppy’s age.

Therefore, our puppies are sold with a health card indicating vaccinations and deworming, a health certificate, a microchip and a certificate of exemption from elbow and hip dysplasia of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of the puppies.

When the puppy is sold, the new owner will be given a brochure containing all the information about the personal data of the puppy, the diet used, the protocols applied and a series of useful tips for a healthy and balanced growth of the puppy.

All our puppies have ENCI (Italian for “National Entity of Italian Cynology”) and FCI (Fédération cynologique internationale) pedigree that certifies their very high genealogy.

Testimonials and reviews

Cucciolo Pastore Tedesco

Ho preso ieri un cucciolo di pastore tedesco a pelo lungo….bellissimo!!!! Conoscere Gaetano e sua moglie è stato piacevolissimo, la loro competenza, i consigli e la garbata ospitalità mi hanno dato sicurezza nell’affrontare questa mia nuova esperienza con il loro meraviglioso cucciolo. Grazie …consiglio a chiunque abbia voglia di crescere un pastore tedesco di rivolgersi a persone come loro per l’attenzione e la dedizione nonché l’esperienza che si respira appena varchi la soglia del loro allevamento.

Allevamento Pastore Tedesco Pelo Corto

Volevamo un cucciolo di pastore tedesco e dopo un giro sui social e scambi di email tra diversi allevamenti ho scelto Casa Falcone. Gentilissimi , pronti a rispondere e a chiarire ogni dubbio…la mia cucciola è meravigliosa non potevo chiedere di meglio!! L’unica cosa mi avrebbe fatto piacere vedere l’allevamento dove crescono questi cuccioli ! Sarà per la prossima!!

Pastore Tedesco Allevamento

Ormai 4 mesi fa è arrivata a casa la piccola (ormai non tanto piccola) Aida e ha riempito casa con tanto amore. L’allevamento Falcone mi è stato vicino soprattutto nel primo periodo con consigli preziosi e tanta premura. Lo consiglio caldamente a tutti

Cuccioli di Pastore Tedesco

Abbiamo chiesto un cucciolo bellissimo e ce ne hanno fatto trovare uno di stupendo! Amore a prima vista!! Allevatori molto gentili e disponibili, passione evidente! Ci hanno dato anche molte informazioni sulle necessità del cucciolo nei minimi particolari oltre che ad averci tenuti aggiornati con foto e informazioni sulla sua crescita finché non abbiamo potuto incontrarlo! Da appassionati di pastori tedeschi da molti anni lo consigliamo!

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